Wednesday, December 23, 2009

first snowfall & my baby bump

I meant to post our first snowfall a few weeks ago but never did. it was on december 6th. there is nothing like waking up to the beautiful white snow. I just love it.

and my belly is continuing to grow. we don't have a good full size mirror in our house so I am hoping that is all that is growing :)

I begin my 20th week tomorrow--my half way point. I still don't really feel pregnant. I have had it really good so far. the shots are still not easy for me to do (that is why I have the bruising on my side) but I can manage them now without tears. I remind myself nightly that this will give us a healthy baby.

I feel so lucky to be where I am in my life. I know I say it a lot but the other night as I was tracing hand prints onto linen, I was looking at our dogs all sleeping on our couch and hearing nat king cole in the background. I felt content.
I am so glad I have my husband to lend me his ear. when I want to talk about things he always puts things in perspective, making me really think about the other person. I love that. he is just a good person and I am so lucky to have him as my husband.
a friend of mine sent me this picture last year and I wanted to share. doesn't it look so peaceful?

I am enjoying my break and can't wait for christmas to get here! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!