Thursday, September 03, 2009

sentimental reasons

erik, aka ek, is my brother in law. I have known him for almost 9 years and have grown to really love this guy. he treats my sister great and is a really great dad. there have been only a few moments that I have really been touched by him. I am not writing that to sound mean, he is just a reserved person and most times our talk is "tech" talk. the first time he made me cry was on my wedding night. my friend sent around a journal asking people to write a little note to me for good wishes or just their thoughts in general. nothing touched me like his. he wrote things he had never told me before and I was really emotional over the whole thing. I guess it is more emotional when a guy writes you things you never knew he thought about you.
the second time was last night. he was at moe's and there was a little grandma there by herself waiting in line. he stood in line with her and helped her order and then asked her to join their family for dinner. I just thought it was so sweet and such a great example for his kids to see. and just something I wanted to share!


Cade and Cora said...

This doesn't surprise me a bit! He's awesome! You're a sweet sister in law to brag on him!

Brooke W said...

OMG...that is the cutest...what a great guy.

wanda said...

too sweet!