Thursday, August 27, 2009

my new favorite home

this is by far my favorite house I have seen in a while because
1. it is affordable
2. it was built in the 30's
3. it has an old kitchen
4. it has an old bathroom
5. it is on over an acre
6. it has 4 bedrooms
7. it has an old shed in the backyard
8. it has hardwoods throughout
9. it has a roundabout driveway
10. it has a huge porch
11. it has character throughout the house (telephone nook)


Jennifer Williams said...


Brooke W said...

where is that? is it for sale? incredible!

tracey said...

it is in indy and yes, it's for sale! I love the "cape code" style. it reminds me of funny farm!!

turnitupmom said...

I love your shop....found it through Steady Mom! What a great new home you have. I live in a 1920's Craftsman-style house...nothing beats old charm. I have to say, though, mine just isn't as cool as yours ;) Enjoy making it your own.