Friday, August 07, 2009

things I love about this guy

my hubby

*he is incredibly funny

*he can probably tell you about any baseball or football game ever played. you just tell him the year and game and he will give you the low down

*he is extremely patient with me. he'll let me cry if I need to cry & let me be a baby when I want

*he could eat ice cream and brownies every night

*he has a great baseball card collection that he is really proud of

*he has only had 3 cars his entire life. all of which he purchased himself (he has a really great work ethic)

*he is an awesome cook. he makes some of the best meals I've ever had. he can just throw stuff together and it tastes gourmet

*he seems to know a little bit about everything

*he is what you'd call "a loud talker". sometimes you have to tell him to have his "inside voice" because he doesn't realize how loud he's talking

*he is always open to new things. maybe not at first, but with a little (or a lot) of talking, he'll do just about anything (it might be because he knows it will shut me up!)

*he gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. one thing I can definitely learn from!

*he talks to our dogs in a special dog voice. it cracks me up every time

*he cuts his own hair and it always looks good!

*he's encouraging. he has always been supportive about any direction I've taken tiny sprouts and is my biggest motivator to open my own store

*he's great with kids and knows what to talk to them about

*he is rational about most everything I'm not. it's a great balance


Jennifer Williams said...

love the bathtub!!

carmen (swil) said...

* he makes food without onions because i hate them