Monday, August 17, 2009

a few of my favorite homes in woodruff place

for some reason I had my phone in my pocket while walking tonight so I took pictures of a few of my favorite homes in our neighborhood.

#4 favorite (it used to be my favorite before moving here). I love the brick, the enclosed front porch, the garage and the side yard. it is really beautiful inside too

#3. I love how set back this home is and how unique it is. it is really small and I love that even more

#2. this house is pristine. I love the huge porch, the side yard and their garage.

#1. I walk past this house almost every day and every day I see it I love it so much more. I love the color, style, porch, windows, side yard, EVERYTHING

this is only 1/4 of one side of one of the streets in this neighborhood. we are so lucky to live here.