Friday, August 21, 2009

check out this lovely

this is the home next door to us. I have always wanted to go inside. as soon as I saw the for sale sign, I looked it up online. it is as beautiful as I'd imagined. our house is to the left (aren't we lucky?)

I love the built-in and the coffered ceiling

another built-in and coffered ceiling

I love how quaint this kitchen is and that built-in is so fun

now this room, I think I would sleep in here. is it not gorgeous?

this attic is huge! it would be the perfect game room, tiny sprouts office and kids play room

and the bedrooms all have great character. I love the little windows

have a great friday. we are off to a very exciting day. more later on that!


Jennifer Williams said...

Love the doors, the chalkboard in the kitchen, and the colors!!! You should BUY it!!!

Brooke W said...

that is the BEST house you've ever posted. that chalkboard is AWESOME!!!! Everything about the house is perfect.