Thursday, March 26, 2009

a few random things about me

I have been struggling lately with things to write about. I don't know why so I thought I would do a post of random things about me:

1. I hate cooked eggs. especially hard-boiled eggs.
2. crooked bumper stickers really bother me
3. in college I had a greek roommate who roasted greyhounds and ate them at a cookout with friends (like a pig roast.)
4. I love laura ingalls wilder
5. one of my biggest pet peeves is people wearing shoes in the house, especially the bathroom!
6. I have a men's ring for an engagement ring.

7. I strongly dislike capitol letters. for any and everything.
8. I have an obsession with pilot v5 pens (thanks to my dad!)
9. I can't sit next to people eating if I can hear them chewing
10. I never read instructions or measurements.
11. milk makes me gag
12. I LOVE popcorn. any kind.
13. I have been collecting baby clothes for my kids since 1999
14. a few days before my wedding, my dog was running and lightly ran into my toe and my entire toenail came off. so much for a beachy wedding!
15. I cry every time I watch the little house "a christmas they never forgot"
16. I am scared of heights and stairs with the holes in between them.
17. I can never sleep in. I always wish I could but I can't sleep past 8:30
18. I hate to read (I know it is awful!)
19. I have to change out my pillows and bedding every other month.
20. when I was 19 I actually took my sister's information to the dmv and got a fake drivers license with her name and my picture so I could go to bars
21. I once went 120 mph to get to my friend's rehearsal dinner. I was obviously pulled over and the police officer said he chased me for 9 miles to try to catch up with me. he almost arrested me for wreck less driving. now I am the slowest driver ever.
22. I once ate an entire box of nutty bars

23. I think it is weird when people feed their kids chicken fingers/nuggets AND french fries.
24. I knew after 20 minutes of talking to my now-husband that I was going to marry him. it took him 4 years to know!

25. I am known for layering my clothes. I wear 3 pairs of pants in the winter, 2 pairs of socks and 3 shirts. then I add a coat on top. I think I am cold.
26. I've worn the same color of lipstick since I was 15. and when I found out they were discontinuing it my mom and aunts bought me 25 tubes!
27. I have one pair of earrings and will never change them (it was my first christmas present from my husband).
28. I recently learned that reindeer really can't fly (why didn't I know this?)
29. I have worn the same shoes for 4 years and they were handed down to me.
30. I will NEVER wear high heels. I have the widest feet. for my wedding I had my grandmother knit me shoes to wear so I was comfortable and stylish. at least I thought so!


Brooke W said...

I am laughing so hard that Daryn is on the other side of the house and asked me what is going on...LOVE THESE. Esp the one about speeding to my wedding and the nutty bars...oh, and the ID...I remember are so brave-that's why I always made you return stuff for me when I was too wimpy to do it!

McMurrays said...

Love this post. . I want to be your real friend not just blogland friend!

Carolyne said...

It's great to have discovered your blog!

I am scared of holes between the stairs's the stuff nightmares are made of. :)