Friday, March 27, 2009

i am a dreamer

one of my favorite childhood memories are our family vacations. we would all pack in our minivan and inside waiting would be an envelope with a crisp $100 bill. it was our reward for doing well in school and was our spending money. I think I had the money spent at our first stop. I bought 2 cash registers with my money (different vacations and one pretty close to the picture above). my dad would carry them to our hotel room so I could play with them. when we arrived home, I had a table in our garage where I set up a store and would play after school. sadly, I no longer have those cash registers but I think about them quite often. I have always wanted to have my own store. in high school I would daydream in class about having a pie store. my sister and I named it "pies and such". and when asked by the yearbook my senior year where I would be in 10 years I said I would be driving in a jeep with my golden retriever going to my pie store. it is almost true.
before we moved to indy, I knew I wanted to have my own store. I have known it since I started tiny sprouts. yesterday we stopped on mass ave and I could see my store sitting there. I want to have all things you can't purchase at a mall and everything started by mom's or women. it will be unique. with hardwood floors, colored walls and a vintage feel....

a few of things I want to have are vintage children's books

great art

new for baby

tiny tales kits

and of course, tiny sprouts!

my dream will come true. and hopefully soon.


carmen said...

thanks for including cbd. geesh. and here i've been wanting to start a store WITH you. hurty feelings, swil.

Rosie Toesies said...

That would be such a great store! I want to open a little boutique for all of our footwear too. I am still waiting for the perfect spot. Our little weekend store that we had in CA was a lot of fun. I really miss that!