Friday, April 11, 2008

rock me baby

I bought some really cool vintagy looking fabric a while ago (yes, vintagy, not hippy). I couldn't decide what to have made with it.
pillows, a purse, curtains for the baby room? (I know I am psycho)

OH YEAH, how about a chair cushion! we bought this rocker in 2005 at a store similiar to my favorite furniture store. it was $10 and I loved the color. I even pretended to be rocking a baby in it when I sat in it for the first time. so since we would like to add a baby to our fam, when my mom was visiting, she made me this chair cushion. she is making a cream back cushion too and the flower fabric will be the piping.

OMG. my favorite part of the ensemble? that it doesn't match.


erik and kristi said...

that material is hippy.