Wednesday, April 09, 2008

botanical dog

I have been researching lately about our dogs switching to an all natural diet. how even though bags of dog food say "natural" it is far from it. I want them to live as long as possible so I think the change might be good. this started when sophie started to eat her tail. it always happens after a bath. I think she has sensitive skin. so during my research I came across this site.
then it got me to thinking how bad it probably is to have all those chemicals on them every month. so I found by reading that if you supplement your pets food with brewer's yeast and garlic that fleas are offended by it.
I also picked up natural shampoo as it is good for flea control, too.
so a book is on its way to teach me how to feed my dogs a natural vegetarian diet. I am really excited about it. I picked up some really great vitamins "eNZYmes-Pro". it contains a lot of great stuff:

Multi-Digestive Plant Enzymes

Micro-encapsulated Pre & Probiotics,

Active Antioxidants

Active Natural Vitamins

Active Chelated Minerals

Active Herbs

Active Super Green Food

I love natural living!