Saturday, January 05, 2008

p.s. i love you

this movie is a must see. for girls, that is. this was one of those movies where I felt I needed to come up for air. I am going to see it again because I loved it so much. I haven't done that since titanic. I suppose every girl loves those romantic movies that makes them wonder, would my husband do that for me? or maybe just sappy girls!


lacey said...

not sure if you remember me, lacey poag, from newburgh. I am a friend of Dyans, went to Castle, you have made 2 super cute pieces for eden, my little guy, etc.
I am not able to get to your site??? Your blog (which is so fun!) comes up fine, but not your actual site. I am wanting to order something for Edens 1st bday.
any suggestions?
thanks! said...

hi lacey!
this doesn't work?

let me know.

p.s. yes, I remember you! :)