Saturday, January 05, 2008

new tiny sprouts office

I have been wanting to reorganize for quite some time now. all of my products are throughout our house and it was driving me nuts. I had been looking for a really long and wide work table. I wanted something old and vintagy but hadn't been able to find it. until today. I visited my favorite shop right down the street from me. this find was pushed back against the wall surrounded by other furniture. this table is 7 feet long by 2 feet wide. perfect. the best part? it was $100. I love my favorite shop.

I had been saving these storage totes for this day and they just happen to fit perfectly on the shelf.

yesterday we went to IKEA. I found these great little jars to store my dyes in for $2 each. so cute.

happy weekend!


lacey said...


still does not work:(
I have tried several time over the past few weeks. I can go to any other site without any problems, but when I try yours it takes awhile and then "page cannot be displayed" has anyone else had this problem? I have tried the links from your blog, typing it in, & doing a search...just trying to get chocolate eden overalls:))) said...

hi lacy! so so sorry you are having so many problems. email me at tracey @ and we will work it out! thank you!

Daryn and Brooke said...

Tracey-LOVE the table! It's so perfect...and has more personality than something you could have paid a lot more money for at somewhere like PB! I love that store!