Thursday, August 04, 2011

my toddler

see this sweet boy of mine?

he is getting big. AND HE IS WALKING!!!! EVERYWHERE. it is awesome!

i am already dreaming of his toddler room with his toddler bed.

cole loves trucks. loves might be a complete understatement. i don't know what he would do without his trucks. really. so for his toddler room i want to get him this set, but...... IT IS SOLD OUT. help me find it, will you? i would love you forever

this rug is SO cole!

the toddler bed i have my eye on minus the bedding set

and ever!
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Brenna said...

He is adorable! That rug is too fun! i hope you can locate the set. :)

Amy said...

super pricey, though, and only twin sized, not toddler bed sized :(