Wednesday, July 13, 2011

a lifetime friend

this week my friend marla came to visit. last time I saw her we were both pregnant. we began that journey together after reconnecting when time was lost the past few years. it was so great being with someone who {knows} you. someone who has grown up with you and seen you with braces, acne and all the like. so this time we got together it was extra special because we both had our children. it was a great few days! and it had me itching for a baby girl!

clare, marla & me. cole decided he'd rather nap than get a picture!
I am in love with this picture. it looks like she is skipping!

no words for this picture other than l.o.v.e.

she's just precious in that bonnet!

that face. heart be still
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Garola Gang said...

love them! so sweet!