Monday, April 19, 2010


let me just say that I will soon be a mama new to mothering an infant. it is overwhelming on many levels. the one thing I am most overwhelmed about is vaccines. this weekend it was my goal to become somewhat educated on vaccines. I purchased these two books

I hate to read except when I am extremely interested in something. this is a topic that really interests me. I am not opposed whatsoever to vaccines but wanted to know what they are for.

both of these books are great. I have been reading about one vaccine in one book and then cross-referencing it with the other book. it amazes me what is in some of these vaccines. and for some how it is even legal. and some why they are so important.

motherhood will make me a wiser person, I believe, as I will not only be learning about what vaccines I'd like my child to have but also what is the easiest way to make my baby sleep, what works best for us and so on and so on and so on.

it will be an adventure and I can't wait!


Sarah C said...

Hi There,
This might be long, I think you read them first before they post, hopefully you dont have to post this speal on your comment wall, lol...I thought maybe I should just send it in email, but I didnt see one, lol.
I went through a big vaccine debate myself when my son was first born. I chose to delay and space out his vaccines and not to get a few of them. I live in Ontario,Canada (I know things are different in the states as far as recommendations, I think there are more vaccines too). I took into account his risk of exposure being home with me for a year plus, not around other kids really, pretty low risk. I know the risk of reactions are low, but still there are risks and alot of crapola in vaccines I wouldnt want in myself either! The choices we have to make as parents can be overwhelming sometimes! I chose to get his Hib and quadracel (dtap and p), I did them like that instead of a 5 in 1 vaccine, I could only get them down to those pieces....I waited till he was 4/5 mths, I think, to get anything at all, and then did them alternating months, there was some issues with the health unit here closing for h1n1 stuff, so there was a bit of a delay in between....he is almost 1 and is getting his 3rd dtap dose next week and those 2 will be done (except for boosters). I plan on doing prevnar in a month or 2, then just the boosters for those all later as needed. I am not planning on getting flu or chicken pox vaccines. Hepatitus when he is older, I think its grade 7? MMR, I would have done it in 3 separate pieces, but you cant here, so I am waiting a bit on that one, Im thinking when he is 2 yrs. I recall getting good info through the dr sears website on things...vax scedules and such. I just thought I would share what I did. I wanted other moms opinions on it when I was reasearching it, and I found it hard to find anyone who didnt just follow the recommended schedule. Whatever you chose will be right for you and your babe! Good for you for educating yourself, I think too many people just blindly do whatever they are told by others - Drs ect. Even if you do the schedule as recommended at least you will have educated yourself on what is happening. You will be an awesome Mommy! I can tell from your blogs :)

Fran and Jen said...

I have the Vaccine Book and I read it while I was pregnant too. I found it very easy to read and informative. His alternative schedule made a lot of sense to me. I didn't find him biased either. He does believe in vaccinating, but a slower/altered schedule. Definitely a book not to miss!

the rodriguez crew said...

Tracey, I spread Jagger's vaccines out like crazy, and used the schedule in the back of the book, "Healing the New Childhood Epidemics" by Kenneth Bock as a starting point. To me, these vaccines are lumped together way too many at a time, & all it does is inconveniece us a little by splitting them up ... I'll take on that inconvenience anyday! I was at that doctor's office like a month just getting shots, but we were in and out in minutes and it gave me such peace of mind!! Good Luck in your research! :)

Jennifer Williams said...

I love Dr. Sears. Do not be afraid to stand up for what you feel is best!