Wednesday, November 11, 2009

thank you sweet emma

my sweet niece, emma claire, passed away far too soon. we all wish she were here with us. on monday I found out I have the same clotting disorder as my sister that resulted in emma's death. all I could think about was emma as I sat in the doctor's office. without emma, we would have never known my sister or I had this disorder and wouldn't have been able to be on medicine to help have a successful pregnancy.

thank you, emma, for saving our baby's life and other babies. I can't wait to see you in heaven, to hug you tight and to let you know how much I love you.


Jennifer Williams said...

She is just beautiful. Angel baby.

kaylin rose and mara anne said...

i was praying for you...sorry to hear you have this...sweet emma i know is very missed. thinking of you during this time.

Anonymous said...

sweet emma!!! was made for a reason. what an angel.