Saturday, November 07, 2009


I am crazy for this little wristlet by kimono art on etsy.

I love these fabrics together and the pleats. I love etsy and have been searching for a diaper bag backpack that is unisex but stylish. anyone know of anyone? I would much rather support etsy than something made in china :)


Two Little Tots said...

i would love to help you out, but i have never made a bag. i just was at a purse party for a women who is on etsy...she is wonderful to work with, you can pick your own fabric and she might make a back up if you ask her...check out her shop... i would contact her and see what she can do.

keep me post!

Unknown said...

i love that purse to! If you find a cute diaper bag let me know. I need one too!

Kendra said...

i love handmade stuff as well, but could never find the perfect handmade backpack (and they are SO wonderful when you have a little one in tow). i finally fell deeply in love with the "ju ju be" backpack!

Anonymous said...


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