Monday, November 02, 2009

extended warranties

I have found these are a JOKE. not even four years ago we purchased our leather couch and loveseat when we bought our home in florida. I am so over leather and want a big comfy couch with a chaise. however, bry said we can live with it for a few more years. then I noticed the holes...

I remember exactly where we were standing in the store when the salesperson told us about the extended warranty. "they'll replace it for any reason. if you get a hole in the cushion or you can't get a scratch out and they can't fix it, they'll replace it." YEAH RIGHT.
we got our first hole in our couch and the place we bought it from did the right thing and sent someone out to repair it because the company the extended warranty is through would not.
again, we have a hole in our couch and now one in the loveseat and the spot that was repaired before has a new hole on top of the old one. I called the extended warranty place today and she asked how it happened and I told her, I guess just wear and tear. honestly, I just don't know. isn't that how holes happen?
she came back after me waiting 20 mintues and said, "sorry your claim was denied. you weren't specific enough. had you told us your accidentally punctured your couch with scissors, then we'd fix it."
seriously? I have to lie to get them to fix it?