Saturday, October 31, 2009


does anyone love craigslist as much as me (or my sister?). this is why I love craigslist.

1. we found the crib I have wanted since 2000 in the walnut color for $25

I wanted it to be walnut so that when we paint and distress it, the wood grain will show through a bit.

2. the quinny stroller is our dream stroller. I found the car seat and two car seat bases on craigslist for $150

the carseat itself retails for $175 and each car seat base is $65. we saved $155! I am all about used items. not only is it green but it saves you $$$


Michelle Savin said...

Until Kara would like to gift you an organic crib mattress!!!! please call Michelle when you are ready.

Jill B. said...

Hi Tracey - I'm sure you already know this but make sure you check the lot number on used maxi cosi car seats - there was a large recall. Congratulations on your pregnancy - so exciting!