Monday, August 10, 2009

kitchen love

this weekend I saw the new julia & julie movie. I LOVED julia child's kitchen in the movie. I later found out that was her actual kitchen. so cool. I also loved julie's kitchen in her small apartment. I am discovering my love for things that don't match (kind of like my clothes). check it out:

I love that the cabinets are blue, that they are not all perfectly aligned and that some of the cabinet bases are a different color than the cabinet doors. it is so unique.

this is one from cottage living

see what I mean about it not looking perfect?

then I found this bedroom. I love when kids rooms don't have a theme. this room is just simple and cute


susan said...

I so agree with the anti-themed rooms, especially for kids!

Brooke W said...

you need to be an interior designer...seriously. you could make some money. make that part of your store.

car said...

your clothes always match! i don't know why you always say that. of course, everything goes with white, grey, and beige. :)