Thursday, July 16, 2009

over a week, really?

I can't believe it has been a week since I blogged
since I promised my new site would be up.
getting a new site up and running is really time consuming. I am so picky about every little detail. so that is why it takes so long. I want it to be perfect since I am having it redone
and promised for it to be awesome! (it really is).

recap of this past week:

-attended a family reunion and did not get car sick. we all had to wear matching shirts and I can honestly say the only one who can pull it off are kids

there is just something about a square cut baggy hanes t-shirt that just doesn't look good on a girl!

-enjoyed seeing three movies this week in theater. with popcorn and a diet coke, of course. YUM! I can't sit through a movie without popcorn. it just isn't right!

-enjoyed a new sushi restaurant with bry. it wasn't nearly as good as my brother-in-law's though. he really makes the best I've ever had.

-bry and I took brennan and elsa to "bouncetown". it was SO fun. I loved watching them climb really high and then sliding down yelling "weeeeeeeeeeee". love them.

-worked on adding text to pictures for my new site. then after they were all done, realized I had added the text too low and had to redo them all. sigh.

-elsa came to spend the night but woke up and missed her mama so we only had a mini slumber party. (I guess my purchasing a hideous little mermaid pillowcase was not enough to make her stay!)

-found out who zac efron is. I think he is seriously the cutest person EVER (besides bry). I feel weird saying that because he is 9 years younger but he is CUTE!

-enjoyed this AWESOME indiana summer. (my porch is still not done and I have not been able to find a glider anywhere!)

I hope your week was equally fun!