Thursday, July 09, 2009

my favorite so far!

once my new site launches, this will be my 4th site since I opened in 2005. and this will be my favorite site of all. here is the homepage, it still has a few changes. click to enlarge and see more detail.

some really cool features my new site will have:
*size chart. I know this is so basic but it is something I've never had.
*zoom feature for product photos
*clickable pages on every category so you can go directly to the product you like
*thread colors listed on pictures as well as the product name and price
*easier navigation to other products on the site
*really great photos!

I know I keep saying it will be up but for real by the 15th!


allyzabba said...

it looks fantastic! congratulations!

kaylin rose and mara anne said...

love it! it looks so pretty, i can't wait to see it and play around.
so happy for you!

Simply Mel said...

Looking forward to the big launch!

erik and kristi said...

can't wait for tomorrow!! excited to see the finished product!

Jenna said...

its the 15th... :)