Tuesday, June 09, 2009

work table in progress

this is REALLY exciting news to share (at least for me!). my dad called last night and told me he had been thinking and that he wanted to make my work desk for me! not only will this make my work area REALLY special but I know he will do exactly as I have envisioned.
the dimensions: 36 high, 48 wide by 60 long. this will be massive but it will store all of my packaging supplies (equipped with my kraft paper roll on one end and the ribbon roll on the other), shelves on the backside, a place to store my cpu, printer with a pull-out tray. on the top, he is going to make holes for all of the wires so everything is very neat.
and my favorite part, if anyone knows me, they know my love for bead board. this desk will be made of pure bead board!

this is our old bathroom from our townhome. one day when bry was at work, I tore out the vanity, attempted to lay tile and hang this bead board. needless to say, we had to call a professional to finish the job.