Tuesday, June 09, 2009

weekend recap

this weekend was pretty eventful for me.

thursday, I had some snuggle time with elsa

on friday, I made homemade strawberry jam

saturday I attended our neighborhood's annual neighborhood yard sale.
they had food stands:

lots of people

live music

more food stands

I had the BEST lemonade of my life

loved going into people's yards to see their houses up close

there are several of these fountains throughout our neighborhood. this one just shows where sophie runs when she gets out of her harness

more great homes

later that evening, I attempted to make that very same lemonade

red beans and rice

and peach cobbler for dessert

note there is no finished peach cobbler
picture because, as usual, I burned it.

happy weekend!


Francis and Jennifer said...

How fun! LOl, about the burned peach cobbler. You crack me up Tracey!

Brooke W said...

I seriously couldn't tell if that is you or Kristi in the first picture...I decided it is you based on how straight your hair is and the fact that you were blogging about being with Elsa-haha