Thursday, June 11, 2009

bye bry

bry leaves for florida in less than 9 hours. I'm going to miss him. I am really happy he is going though. I bought him the ticket as a surprise but that only lasted 2 days and I HAD to tell him. he deserves it--time to sit and be with his friends, go to games and sit around the poolside all day. I'll miss this face:

he is so funny. he makes me laugh every day. one of my favorite lines that he recently said was just last week. we were at the doctor's office and they were explaining how the fertility medicine I will be taking works. the doctor explained that if I had more than 5 good eggs (sorry if this is TMI for some readers) that they would not proceed with the next fertility step. I said, "WHY?!?!?!?!" bry looked at me, looked at the doctor and again at me and said, "because we are trying to have a baby, not a tv show."

I love that guy.

have fun bry, and when you get back, I will have a whole house full of surprises, I promise you that!


Brooke W said...

Bahaha-Bry cracks me funny