Tuesday, April 07, 2009

fun dinners

I love to cook. I really do but I rarely do it. bry is the best cook and makes the greatest meals so most times I just don't want to compete! when we lived in florida I was really excited for our current kitchen and wanted to make breakfast more (even though it is my least favorite meal) and more dinners. I could eat pasta with butter and nutritional yeast every night. I love plain and simple. tonight I made sauteed spinach

pasta with red onions, asparagus, toasted walnuts,
butter and nutritional yeast

and it was really yum!

and these are my favorite pasta bowls. I bought them my freshman year of college (1997) at pottery barn. I remember they were on clearance and I was super excited to take them back to my apartment! love that font!


Brooke W said...

you make great asperagus!