Saturday, March 07, 2009

reminds me of mints

I ordered a bunch of rounded notecards from paper-source last week. they were having a 50% off sale and I needed new cards. I wanted something larger to write gift messages on and I thought these were perfect and I love anything with rounded corners

when I opened the box it reminded me of those white chocolate pastel mints. my great-grandmother always had them. she was an amazing lady. at our wedding we had cookies that reminded me of her

she always had them ready for anyone when they came to visit. right out of the freezer. they are best that way. after writing on the cards I realized they were too plain and that a tiny sprouts stamp would be perfect for them. love this one from lettergirl

she hand writes the word and turns it into a stamp.
perfect fit for tiny sprouts!


kaylin rose and mara anne said...

I had to comment today...I am so happy you found lettergirl on etsy...I know her!!! She created my wedding invites, did the girls birth announcements and always does our xmas cards. And I have an address stamp from her just put a smile on my face! Hope you order something from her...she is wonderful!

And I am so happy for you and the hubby, oh and the dogs...sounds like the new life is great!
Melissa said...

that is so funny because I LOVED the font on your christmas card! was that her? I ordered the stamp! :)

car said...

i JUST ordered a stamp from her too! i should have it any day now. i needed a self-inking one to make it easier for myself when making my cards.