Wednesday, March 11, 2009

nice words

I have some super sweet babies to share with you and lots of nice compliments from people! thank you to those who make my day by sharing your kind words and photos of your babies!

from sloan's mama:
"hi tracey,
just wanted to send a pic of sloan in her new tee. i LOVE it. we love the door pillow too. SO CUTE. best, julie"

from katie's mama:
"Thanks for the response. I hope you know how much we love your talent. It made such a statement in the pictures. You will forever be with us. Thanks. Katie, Kris and Kash"

from jessie's mama (and also the super talented mama from NESTING)
"This has always been one of her favorite dresses because it has her name on it and above all, it is PINK. I am going to keep it as a keepsake for her to remember. Thanks!!! Love, Jessie (& Nora)"

from taylor's auntie:
"Hi Tracey...Just wanted to share a cute pic that my sister in law sent of my niece Taylor in her precious outfit that you did!! It is so cute!! have great talent!! Kim"

customer service is EVERYTHING in a business. I like to take care of my customers if something ever happens. like when I ship the wrong package to them! this has only happened 3 times in my 5 years of business, but when it does I am super embarrassed!
"Hi Tracey,I just wanted to let you know that I received the "pumpkin" outfit that you sent. It - of course - is supercute! That was really generous of you and you really didn't need to send me another outfit however it is much appreciated :) I'm looking forward to my "pumpkin's" arrival and dressing him/her in the outfits from your company! Thanks again, Ellie"


Jennifer Williams said...

what an adorable response you received from the person on the package mix-up! i can tell i would like her :) do you know where nora's parents found that adorable valentine??? said...

hi jen! the valentine is from
nora's mom designs all of them.