Wednesday, March 04, 2009

finally, a real post

it is hard to believe it has been three weeks since we moved! the time has gone fast. our internet was hooked up yesterday. that is the longest I have gone without a computer. good thing I had my phone!
I must say, life here in indy has been GREAT! we have been enjoying spending more time with family and getting settled in our new house.
we LOVE it!
bry is so good with elsa and brennan.

elsa came over for a play date last week.

I love being with her. her imagination is great.

she loves to play and watch clifford and "the one with the mouse", aka tom & jerry. I will have a picture of her room soon. and our house. we are still getting organized.

it doesn't look like that anymore but
I can't show you my new office until it is complete.


michelle said...

Awesome.. i hope you feel "HOME". we are still on the hunt!!!!