Saturday, January 10, 2009

a bit nervous

bry had mentioned a while back that when we move that we should no longer have the dogs sleep with us. all 3 of our dogs sleep with us now. I do love it but I hate the dog hair and that we can never have our bedding exposed. we always have to cover the quilt with another blanket so the quilt doesn't get ruined from all the dog hair. I still go back and forth with the idea of them not being with us. they would be staying on the main floor of our new house. it may be silly but I worry about them being lonely or cold or uncomfortable. they are my babies. I thought if we got them some new blankets or dog beds I would feel better. then tonight I was looking online at bedding (one of my favorite things) and saw this and thought how nice it would be to actually be able to have something of the sort.

and this underneath the quilt


piscarie said...

i love your idea, i just love the way you write . it has a warmth in it.good luck to you

Rosie Toesies said...

I know how you feel. Our cat slept in our room, but not on our bed because she had her own bed. Sometimes I considered keeping her out of our room entirely, because she woke up much earlier than us, and would often play with our toes. But, she eventually stopped doing that, and for the most part left us alone until we woke up.

Maybe if your room is large enough you can have them in the same room, but not on your bed. However, I think that it will be an easier transition for them since they have each other. It will probably be good to start now, so when a baby comes, you don't have to worry about that.

carmen said...

i don't know anything about the dogs on the bed/furniture as shelby has her own bed in our LR and in our bedroom and has never been a furniture dog. what i DO know is that it is imperative you buy that down comforter along with a flannel duvet cover from LL Bean (the BEST) to survive these winters! it makes our bed so warm and cozy (along with a heated mattress pad).