Wednesday, December 17, 2008

cookie party 2008

tonight we had a cookie party at our house

even a little area where you could decorate your own cookie

it was great seeing my friend jen and heather.
I could talk to them for hours.

the party was great! we have LOTS of cookies. stewart had a blast too. this is the list of things he got into and ate in 3 hours:
1. avocado (he ate the skin too) from a bag
2. 1/2 cucumber-I gave him this so he actually ate something healthy
3. m&m cookie-he took this out of someone's cookie bag
4. bag that had 3 cookies in it. we had to pry his mouth open to get it from him-he got this from the cookie table
5. tostada chips-trash can
6. salad that was under the tostada chips
7. the end of a french loaf-he grabbed this as my friend was walking this into the kitchen to slice it from croutons

don't worry dad, he is NOT hungry!


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any good cookie recipes you would like to share?