Tuesday, December 16, 2008

all I want for christmas

except I want my husband to build it.
I love the one from pottery barn but I want:
*the cubbies to fit my printer and computer
*I want the top to have holes in it for cords so everything is very clean
*on one side I want to have a ribbon spool where I can keep my ribbons
*also on the top I want my glue stick cup to fit in a cut out hole
*keyboard tray
*beadboard for the finished wood
hopefully this will be a project my husband will complete when we move.


Melissa Gruber said...

LOVE that craft table from Pottery Barn too. My husband did build me an area in a storage closet, with cabinets, peg boards and lots of shelves. It doesn't have my computer or printer, but that is next on the list...building or getting a new desk.

I hope he gets it built for you...so much fun!

Brooke W said...

I guess I just have to comment on every post you have-haha...I have always loved that thing, too! it's so great. and totally ts. actually, an old one that you just FIND would be perfectly ts- :)

Anonymous said...

I have a picture of this craft table torn out and in a file for my "dream office" for when we move. Hope your Christmas wish comes true!!