Wednesday, October 15, 2008


patience. once again. so this cute house will take 3 dogs. YES.
now the hard part is waiting.
waiting on:
*accepting rental application
*moving time frame
*finding someone to rent our house to match the rent up there.

that is the hard part. if we found that, I would be packing tomorrow. we have been saving boxes for a little over a year. we will be set.

love this porch

love this little seat. good place to put on snow boots!

future office?

dining area. I love the angled wall.

fenced yard

the rental place will only hold our deposit for 3 weeks until our lease must begin. I am hoping this house doesn't get rented before we can get to it!


Daryn and Brooke said...

Please, God! Bring someone to rent Tracey's house! Indiana wants her!!!! Please let her get here before Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!!!! Amen

rachel said...

i've got my fingers crossed for you and bry!