Friday, October 17, 2008

did you watch?

I haven't. yet. I need someone to watch this show with me because I know I will be emotional and mad at the same time.

why do we find this treatment acceptable?

"The typical crate for a young male calf being raised for veal has enough room for him to stick his head out. Pregnant pigs—which can weigh more than 500 pounds—are about 5 to 6 feet long, while the cages they live in are about 7 feet long."

"Do you know how a veal chop gets from the farm to your dinner plate? In 2002, Bradley Miller of the Humane Farming Association, shot footage of veal calves in their crates. The footage shows the calves chained inside their 22-inch wooden crates. "They can't walk or even turn around," he says. "This is how they live every minute, every hour, every day for their entire 16 weeks of life."

Bradley says the calves are fed an all-liquid diet. "Many of the calves were so weak, they couldn't even stand up. They were just lying and coughing from pneumonia," he says. "When it comes time to slaughter, some of these calves literally need to be dragged out of their crates because they had never walked before."

I believe all animals should be given this lifestyle even though I am against meat-eating. at least let them move freely!

if only the world knew what they weren't missing without meat. how much healthier you'd be without it. the u.s. needs a change. at least for the sake of all the animals!


Sara Tams said...

This was such a great episode - I was so excited that Oprah did this show!