Friday, October 24, 2008

computer off=more things done

I always feel so productive when I have the computer turned off. so last night before bed I decided that I would not start my day by checking email, orders, etc. I felt so great by 11 a.m. because this is what I had accomplished:

*made homemade pumpkin bread
*cleaned all the dishes in the sink
*cleaned some of the grout on our counter tops with baking soda
(don't ever get tile countertops).
*walked the dogs
*ate pumpkin bread
*gave sophie AND stewart a bath (santos gets his haircut soon so I skipped him)
*took a phone order for tiny sprouts

when I did get on the computer, I had this great picture waiting for me!


Jennifer Williams said...

cute kids! okay i am tagging you! post 6th photo from your 6th photo folder then tag 6 more...mine was of maggie from 2007!! she was too cute!!

Tania said...

Hi Tracey, I tagged you on my blog. Come check it out here: