Sunday, August 10, 2008

these are a few of my favorite things, home edition

welcome to our 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath home, circa 1935. 1351 square feet with an enclosed front porch. we love this little house and the history that is inside. my friend had written a post of a few of her favorite things: home edition. so I thought I'd copy! (thanks, jen!)

the original wood awnings on our house. when we first looked at the house I thought they were metal. yuck. but once I was upclose I realized that they are the original wood awnings. I wonder who built them? we love them because they are almost 70 years old AND provide great shade. we were happy we didn't have to add window treatments when we moved in. I love natural light!

the floor in the baby room/tiny sprouts office. at first I wasn't crazy about it. I am not a big fan of anything mosaic but when I learned the history of it, I loved it. this room used to be the back porch. they enclosed the porch and added a half bath. they then added this to the floor. I just imagine a cute old man creating this. that's history!

a few pieces I love in our half bath are the lights. they have an outlet in them. you can't find them ANYWHERE any more. and the medicine cabinet. it has a flower design etched in the mirror and it is a bit rusty.

the windows in our breakfast room. they are opened
by hand-cranking them with a long metal key.
(there is one by the white chair that is in the corner).

the built-in bookshelves. there used to be another set where the green dresser now sits but it was beyond repair.

when the previous owners took it they found

(sorry this picture is so bad, I took it the day we were looking at
the house and I was shaking because
I was so excited and wanted the house so badly!)

the original built-in armoire type thing in our kitchen. this might very well by favorite thing in our house. when I saw this before we bought the house I was immediately in love. the inside of the doors are a butter yellow. I think at one point the kitchen was this color because there is a set of the original cabinet doors

and the inside of those are yellow, too.

original crystal door knobs on the french doors in our house.

concrete sink that was sitting in our backyard when we moved in. I am wondering if this was in the house at one point or maybe laundry room? I love it. I would love to have it as my kitchen sink one day. I just don't know who'd be able to pick it up! so for now it is our herb garden.

the built-in shelf in the half bath. this room is so cozy. it is tiny too. it is my tiny sprouts employee restroom.

the tile in our main bath. though I would never choose it if we had to replace the floor, I love it because it is the original. imagine someone on their hands and knees laying that tile. it is mint condition for being 70+ years old. also, the medicine cabinet/shelf piece. it is one big piece. so unique!

and last but not least, we are lucky enough to have all the original interior doors & knobs, windows & wood floors.


Todd Williams said...

I LOVE your home! The kitchen is beyond words! I love your mismatched cahirs and china! Love it love it love!

Michelle said...

dear tracey,
did you find the house of your dreams.. when did you move?