Monday, July 21, 2008

it is the sunshine state

but NOT the friendly state.
I think florida has rude and angry people that reside here. it is probably the heat. being from the midwest, people are just laid back and friendly. tonight while I was playing ball at the park with santos and stewart a lady was riding on her bike with her 2 kids behind her. she said loudly, when they chase behind you be sure you kick them. then she yelled, your dogs are supposed to be on a leash. I responded, they aren't hurting you. she then said, you are breaking the law!

indiana can't come soon enough!


carmen said...

you know, remind me to tell you the storey of the "lovely" woman in pensacola, florida who yelled at me - telling me i was on her "private property" as i was taking pictures of the bay - that happens to be "in" her front yard. RUDE. i was so mad. but things like your story happen in IN too. i agree though, the midwest does seem to be more laid back. i feel bad for her kids, they are going to grow up to be rude adults like her.