Wednesday, June 18, 2008


so I am feeling pressure today. I am leaving for indy tomorrow for 5 days. my poor sister had emergency surgery and I am going to visit and make her stay off her feet. (she is okay, by the way). I always get this way before I leave. this month has been so crazy busy for me, I am not sure why but I have stacks and stacks of orders waiting on me. I am not behind (yet) but if you are waiting on a growth chart, please be patient with me (they take me quite bit longer to embroider).

when they debuted I sold out of all of them and had back up ones made. now I am 1/4 way through those. and the door pillows are almost sold out and I am not sure when I will be able to have more made.

the sweet lady who makes them for me is having a baby and does not want to commit to any more which is completely understandable. sometimes when I feel too overwhelmed it prevents me from doing anything because I am so stressed. my husband is always encouraging me by telling me to do what I can. I started the day off with making a page of dye baths I had to complete before tomorrow. I started with rose because it is the hardest and the first batch didn't turn out. then I dyed cotton candy which is the easiest and it did not work either. sigh. good thing is today I received my products that I will be adding this fall. just when I feel I have too much on my plate, I always add more. I have to keep things fresh, new and with the seasons. and wait until you see the new web site stuff that is going to be added. so excited about it all. and when I get stressed I think about the beach and how much I love going there with our dogs and my husband. I love to look at pictures of the beach. so peaceful.

off to eat spaghetti and start on growth charts!


Lara said...

you'll work through it. Just take a deep breath, and get at least something done. I tend to get so overwhelmed when i have a lot to do that i don't do anything, and that makes me feel worse. I am working on trying to pick anything to get done when i feel like that, even if it isn't the most important thing on my list, and then the momentum carries me through the rest of the things i need to do. your customers love you and thank goodness you work for yourself!!!

Isabel Kallman said...

sigh. you'll get through it. and, just remember to take small on step at a time.

i'm rooting for you.