Thursday, June 26, 2008

back home

sorry for the lack of blogging to all of you who read. finally back home for a bit. indy was great. loved seeing everyone and being with my niece and nephew. it is crazy how in such a little bit of time they grow and change. miss them already. right before I was leaving for indy my camera battery died so I was unable to take my camera. and for those of you who have written asking about my sister, thank you. how nice of all of you. so not only did my sister's incisions get infected but she also got poison ivy. she needs a nice long break...
my hubby and I went to miami for a few days and had a blast! so good to spend time just the 2 of us. my husband was a gitty-gitty-gumdrop the whole trip. this could be why:


lots of baseball. we went to 2 games and the rays won both of them!
we stayed after one night to see the players get on the bus. bry was so excited when they were coming out. he couldn't get the camera to work (so he says) and was frantic. you can see how excited he was in this picture (note the thumbs up) with shawn riggans. this guy was so nice (and really cute). love that.

we stopped at cracker barrel on the way there and back. we got the old-fashioned cream sodas and candy sticks.

back home now, getting ready for dinner after giving 3 dogs a bath.
have a great night!


Daryn and Brooke said...

LOOK at Bry's cute thumbs up! Haha..he is so excited-you are a good wife...bathing dogs...I kind of like it except that wet dog hair that gets all over my arms and won't come off-and it's so itchy. BLAK!