Sunday, May 11, 2008


I hope your day was as great as ours! we took our "momma"
to Sea World today.

we thought we were so cool and had this secret trip planned
but she guessed where we were going!

we had a great day, the weather was really nice. I was an idiot and wore jeans and tennis shoes which I rarely do (the tennis shoes that is). my feet were so hot and I had flip flops in the trunk of the car.

I thought these little penguins were so cute. they reminded me of my sister. when she was around 9 (I think) she liked penguins. every year since then someone gets her something with a penguin on it. I almost bought my niece a penguin stuffed animal but I didn't want her to receive penguins for the next 20 years.

off to bed! on the way home we stopped at The Cheesecake Factory. I love that place. I ate way too much food but it was so worth it!


Anonymous said...

Did you eat your weight in avacados again!? Haha...I love penguins and guacamole!