Monday, April 21, 2008


they have the coolest shoes. for christmas my swil (sis-wis-in-law) asked for a pair of their flip flops. after reading about them I bought her a pair, me a pair, my husband a pair and an additional loafer for me. here is a little about the shoes you buy:

*The women's Toe Foo contains no animal byproducts or even regular animal products. This shoe is vegan friendly and veggie friendly.
*Hemp and organic cotton uppers
*Lined in bamboo
*Hemp wrapped latex topsole with a cushy arch cookie
*Natural crepe rubber outsole
*Uses water-based cements
*100% post consumer paper pulp foot forms
*Ships in our fantastic biodegradable bags… dig it, bury it, buh-bye
*Contains LATEX

the great thing about these shoes/flops is they last, last, last.

these are on my list for summer shoes:

and for every day:

find more styles at

2 comments: said...

I love simple! I remember having a pair back when I was a teenager. Now I am trying to get a hold of the green piggies for babies, to sell in my store. So cute!

carmen said...

ooooh, now that the weather is nice here (for now) i'm going to have to finally put these babies on!!