Monday, March 24, 2008

cradle me

oh yes, so I forgot about this great piece I wanted for our nursery. I am not into the crib thing until the kid is older but maybe that is because I don't yet have a kid so I don't know how/what it is like. this however, is on my list for things to get 10 minutes after I find out I am pregnant.

this is currently on ebay and if I had my hands on that cradle, I would coat it with some cream or celery paint and then distress it. I think I do that with every piece of furniture I have so it looks old. I dislike matching furniture sets and anything that looks perfect. I usually don't match,
rarely comb my hair and always wear striped
socks when not wearing flip flops.


Anonymous said...

you sound pretty.

Daryn and Brooke said...

Not brushing your hair is one of the things I love about makes me think of leaving w/ you in bry's truck around 10am to go shop when I'm visiting and you've got your hair still slightly damp and it just looks so pretty and real and natural...and you just asked me, "does this match?" and I'm like, "well, not totally but you look really good wearing it like that" so you say, "oh, well-let's go get a fun drink and go to target!"