Wednesday, January 02, 2008

what is wrong with this picture?

note the machine is UNPLUGGED
now note that machine is UNPLUGGLED AND filling with water!

I walked into our laundry room today to put the clothes from the washer into dryer. it had been finished for about an hour. I heard water running. I looked at the machine. it was off. I opened the lid and the water was filling and it wouldn't stop. it was almost to the very, very top before it overflowed. I unplugged the machine and it kept filling. I plugged it back in and tried to operate it but the buttons wouldn't move. I had to stop the water by shutting off the main water valve.

I came inside laughing really hard and my husband was in the other room and he thought I was crying. he came running in and asking what was wrong. I told him the story. you know what he said? the washer doesn't have to be plugged in for water to run. huh? you serious, clark? that is like saying you don't have to lift the faucet in the kitchen for water to come out. so anyway, fisher & paykel, will you please just give me my money back? we had the entire washer completely rebuilt. they paid for it (f&p). a new computer, a new washer valve, a new water valve, and 2 other parts I don't know the name of only that the repair man said they are really expensive.

I really just found the whole thing funny because it just is. and if you don't think so look at the pictures again and see that the machine is unplugged.

oh, and check out the pancakes I made for breakfast. whole wheat with ghardelli caramel squares. yum!


jenGIL said...

You make me laugh! I L.O.V.E. the new site - beautiful photos - amazing work. We are getting so many oohs and aahs over our outfit, and can't wait to get more. Am so excited to see the pillows . . .

Lara said...

Love you colorful fiesta plate! I have those also. People thought I was crazy when I registered for about 6 different colors of fiestaware for my wedding instead of china, but I love it! My husband's family lives near the outlet in WV and it is so fun to go. They even have this huge pile of broken colorful dishes that looks so fun to run and slide down. Of course...that would probably not be safe. ;)