Saturday, December 08, 2007

so sad

yesterday was to be a good day. we were to receive the contract for the house we were going to buy. first rent, then buy. it was a secret until it was all finalized. this would mean no more flying to indy to visit. that made me happy. mid-afternoon I had not heard from the realtor so I wrote him a brief email. shortly after he wrote back saying to couple had received another offer all while this realtor was on vacation. my heart sunk. I cried so hard. and even though this is my tiny sprouts blog I don't mind sharing it because I am sad. shortly after receiving the news the phone rang. I was crying too hard to answer and a while later I listened to the message. it was my niece. "hi tia. love you tia." how can someone so little be so sweet? I was crying too hard to really hear her so I hung up the phone and will listen to the message on a better day. I know moving will happen when it should but knowing we were so close. so close to being able to go pick up my niece and take her for ice cream. or going with my sister to a doctor's appointment. or going with my brother to see the houses he helps restore. or going with my dad to hobby lobby (his favorite place). or being able to drive to ohio to see bry's family or taking him to where I grew up and visiting my mom. the list could go on and on. I know moving will happen, it will just be one day and I thought that one day was near.


Michelle S. said...

Hang in there, Tracey. I myself fall in love with real estate before it is mine. 1st rule in real estate is don't love it until escrow closes. Also, Escrows fall out all of the time. Call the realtor and put in a back-up offer even if they have convinced you otherwise. I got my house this way. Escrows fall out all of the time. Nothing is final until it closes. I know you are sad, just hang in there. The right house will come around. If this house is meant to be yours, the other offer will fall out. If anything your saddness proves that you really want to make the change and the right house will come along.
Best Always, Michelle S.