Thursday, November 29, 2007

up and running

we are home from our thanksgiving holiday in indianapolis. my computer is fixed thanks to my brother-in-law!
we met our new nephew, brennan kristian.

our niece, elsa, is the sweetest. she is what we like to call "a broken record". she repeats things a lot and anything you say she repeats.
we made pancakes together.
and gathered firewood together!
on sunday, my sister, sister-in-law, and I went to downtown broadripple to a super cute place for lunch. it was called 3 sisters.
how fitting, huh? it was in an old house and had GREAT food. after lunch we went to a natural type food store. it was so fun. it reminded me of baby boom and little house. they even put your merchandise in a brown paper sack. after our fun day we drove by the house I have been eyeing for months. there just happened to be an open house that day. we were 2 hours too late but the couple that lives there are super cool and let us come in. to say I was IN LOVE with this house would be an understatement.

this house has everything we have desired our next home to have (except a wood-burning fireplace). of course I did not have my new camera with me. really bummed because the pictures online really don't show the house. my husband was bummed because he had gone home the day before so he missed the fun tour. I had night duty with brennan and even though it was really hard to be sleep deprived, he was worth every second of it. he is growing quickly and I am so thankful he is healthy! I loved feeding him and watching his facial expressions. it was really hard to come back to florida. when my husband picked me up he had these in hand with a super sweet card.

he is the sweetest.