Sunday, November 18, 2007

it got me

a virus that is. it ruined our computer. some things I have learned from this process.
1. update your virus software often
2. backup all of your data biweekly
3. never let anyone other than your husband use your computer
4. patience

I am very impatient when it comes to my computer. I do everything on it. I think this began in 1988 when my dad bought my sister her first IBM for christmas. I remember very clearly us going on and looking at stuff. it was in all black and white and it was VERY slow. I have had to visit the local library to retrieve my orders, print shipping labels and reply to emails. if I am not as quick as normal in responding you now know why. we won't have a new computer until 11.27. so long away!

I couldn't wait to get to the library this morning because I knew these were awaiting me:

so excited for our new site and photos!


jomo_05 said...

I have to leave a post because my daughter is actually little Corinne who got to help model your amazing line of clothes. I love everything about them and I am already starting to spread the word about tinysprouts out here in So Cal. I just adore your clothes and clearly my daughter looks adorable in them :)

Best of Luck,
Jodi Moreno