Sunday, November 11, 2007

a new blue

so yesterday I was in a mad rush to get the package out in the mail to the photographer who lives in california. I had to dye celery so it could be used with a few outfits for the photos. celery and rose give me the most problems and headaches. even if I use the same measurements each time it is always different than the prior batch. I have been wanting to add a new blue to the line for a while. I couldn't get the shade I wanted. until yesterday. the celery I dyed came out very bright so I was trying to fix it with more blue dye. instead it turned out as a vintagy blue. it looks beautiful with any of our other hand-dyed colors. so today I am going to try the formula again to see if I get that color. I would be really excited to add a new blue even though my husband tells me I am crazy and will regret it later!