Wednesday, October 10, 2007

time frames

just an update if you are awaiting an order from tiny sprouts. orders take about 2 weeks to ship now. yes, this is longer than before but tiny sprouts has been busier than ever and we have been offering monthly specials as well. we are quite happy about our growth this year and our new customers! if you order a corduroy or pique dress or overalls those are shipping in 3 weeks. yes, this does seem like a long time BUT these are made to order.
does 2 weeks seem like a long time for you to wait for something customized? I hope not! please note that when you do order an item from us that it is hand-dyed and then hand-embroidered and packaged. it is a process but I LOVE my job.
sometimes orders may ship sooner than 2 weeks and some are right at 2 weeks. of course, if you are curious when you order will ship, just send me an email and I will let you know!

thank you for your patience AND your business!