Friday, September 21, 2007


we have had our house on the market for 20 long days now. the first day we had a call and a single lady came to look at it. 1.5 hours later she was done. we thought this was it. she never called back. what and why do you look at a house for 1.5 hours? I mean really. did you watch t.v.? do some laundry? ughh, it is so hard to be patient in a market that is so bad. it will probably take a long time for our home to sell but it is priced to sell. we priced it under all the others in hopes of a good sale. and we are paying the buyer's realtor 3.5% instead of 3%. I was dreaming of being in indianapolis this fall. taking my niece to the apple orchard. my husband and me walking in the park and seeing the beautiful leaves. I know we have many falls ahead of us but tonight I was growing homesick for this house I want to buy. check out how beautiful!