Friday, September 21, 2007

my new camera

just when I think I am about to purchase a new camera something breaks in our house. 3 months ago it was the air conditioner, the month after that it was the plumbing and last month it was our washer valve. so this month instead of buying a camera we purchased a new washer. the repair man came today and said the computer board on our washer had gone out. it would be $450 to fix it. add the $200 we paid last month & that equals the newest fisher & paykel washer. the repair man suggested not buying a washer with a computer in it. it is hard to find that these days. kind of like the avocado color I wanted. my grandma has the same mustard washer and dryer since the 70's. probably not the most energy efficient but it obviously has worked well! as we walked out of the store we saw their clearance section. guess what was there? yep, 2 fisher & paykel washers. they both said, "broken but fixed".